Priceline Claim for Compensation

Priceline Claim for Compensation

What Priceline did:
I had a trip through Priceline that included rental car, hotel, and airline tickets from 6/11/21-6/21/21
I was to arrive in CA on 6/11 and the purpose of my trip was to attend 3 conferences. One on 6/12 that started at 8 am , and 2 conferences the following weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

The flight leaving jacksonville was delayed several hours due to having no pilot so when I got to my layover in TX I was told it was gone and I was rebooked for the next day!
Also , my luggage was sent on to CA so I was stuck in TX with no medication, no clothes, no toiletries and no where to stay. There were no hotels to be had because so many people were stranded. Also no rental cars available. So I stayed at the airport overnight and was given a flight the next day. I made it to CA after 10 am ( the conference started at 8) I had no sleep and still had to get a car. So I went to the hotel and slept.

Now I called Priceline and I told them the flight delay caused me to arrive in CA on 6/12 can I get a day off of the rental car and hotel? They said no I couldn’t cancel them if I did it would be for the whole trip and I’d be charged for all of it anyway!

So I was in CA I missed the conference on 6/12 and had NOTHING planned or scheduled until 6/18 so it really was a wasted trip and a lot of hotel and car money that I could have saved and just gone out on 6/17. I had to eat out all meals every day; gas, car, hotel,

Priceline offered no help, the airline offered no help this trip was over 3000.00

Submitted by: Anonymous Priceline customer in Bunnell | Read more Priceline complaints

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