Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
Sprint is refusing to honor the terms of the device protection plan I am paying for. I originally had a Note 4 (loved it). In 2020 suffered mechanical failure, and they replaced it with an S9. The S9 is a downgrade. I don’t like it because it has a smaller screen and no S-pen. Now the S9 is starting to fail because it won’t charge correctly. They will only give me an S9 as a replacement. The contract says they provide me with a new or refurbished product of like kind and quality. I only want a phone with a screen as large as the Note 4 and with an S-pen. I told them I would accept any Note product 4 or higher.

Replace my phone with one of like kind and quality, or better, to my original Note 4. In particular, the phone should have an S-pen, and a screen as large as the Note 4

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in SAN JUAN, PR | Read more Sprint complaints

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