Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
1. Threatening collections and credit reporting. I have been paying this company since 2018 and they never gave me an adequate notice to opt out of credit reporting which is my right. Agents are being deceptive and manipulative by using unlawful extortionate means.
2. The fees and charges are Bogus according to the amount in error. The amount is in a positive integer, which mean thst the balance due is a credit to the consumer. The term payment used is being misrepresented of its facts.
3. Sprint is advertising installments by telling me that I’m required to make payment every billing cycle and I dispute.
4. Sprint threaten to interrupt service without keeping their binding individual contract. This contract Sprint used to have this account open is done under a fraudulent act.
In conclusion, I have not like the way Sprint handle my account. This was supposed to be a consumer credit transaction and not an installment transaction. This amount Sprint claiming that I owe, is an alledged debt and that alledged debt is not my obligation but to the obligation of the United States Treasury. Sprint provided no direct remedy to satisfy but rather act as a debt collector by collecting proceeds that should be credited to the consumer. I am aware it is in fact that I’m pursued about this allege debt every month is in fact a debt collector and falls under the FDCPA. I definitely need to shoe proof that they are following the consumer protection laws.

Do not interrupt service.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Orlando | Read more Sprint complaints

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