Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
Over the last year I have received incorrect Information from customer support at least 6 times, though several of these occurences included multiple flase statements being made, and several of these statements were made multiple times. This information Included false claims that I: was paying on an apple watch(ive never purchased or owned one), that my phone was on lease, that I had unlimited data, that I was being charged overages for hotspot usage (it wasn’tturned on), that I had no agreement to maintain an account with sprint for any length of time.

Also on at least one occasion I’ve been told that my complaints would be escalated. (An attempt to get overages reversed on account of incorrect information given) I was later told that it was never escalated. I’ve also been refused the opportunity to speak with customer support management on 4 occasions. 3 stating they were in meetings or not scheduled, 1 claiming that they only escalate issues to another department with contact via email and no other way. They cannot or refuse to CC me on any emails sent to this department.

My issue with Sprint is that for the last 9-12 months they only seem to give me whatever I formation benefits them correct or not. Then they can change their statements at any given time and force me to pay the price.

This has cost me 6-8 hours or time, and between 2-300 dollars. I left Sprint specifically because of the false information given to me. They now claim I owe them 244 dollars for an early termination fee.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Eaton Rapids | Read more Sprint complaints

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