Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
Didn’t honor installation agreement price.
Wasn’t giving the speed promised.
Never set up the connection with the right hardware to be able to receive the speed sold.
When a salesman made the discovery a few yrs later I was never financially repaid for the discrepancy.
I disconnected a phone line and continuously charged for it for over 18 months.
For some reason my autopsy wasn’t working for 1 month and Suddenlink was more than doubling my bill as well as charging me for service I hadn’t been receiving for more than a month or two after brought to their attention.
I tried to discuss these discrepancies with them and nobody would handle any of it. I kept getting sent from one person to another.
Please help resolve all of this. Almost 5 yrs of this ongoing unfairness.

Submitted by: Anonymous Suddenlink customer in Porter | Read more Suddenlink complaints

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