Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
I have been a Suddenlink subscriber at my current location, {{ address hidden }}, Tyler, TX, 75707 since August 2013. I believe my service started at $89.00 per month plus a modem fee and taxes. It was increased by $30.00 in March 2019.

My current Suddenlink statement [06/01/2022] includes:

06/01 – 06/30 Internet 89.99
Internet 100 30.00
Add on
Modem Fee 10.00
Internet Credit -5.00
06/01 – 06/30 Safeguard 6.99
Total Monthly 131.98
Total Taxes, Fees, Other 6.69
Amount Due $138.67

My internet speed is supposed to be 100 Mbps, which was verified by a Suddenlink customer support service representative on 06/20/2022.

I called the Suddenlink customer support to ask why my charges were more than those listed on Suddenlink’s web page. lists 100 Mbps internet service for $59.99. On this page, there is no reference to new residents.

When I selected “Check Availability,” and entered my address and zip code, and CONTINUE, next to which a notation said, “New residential customers only.” I clicked CONTINUE, and the next page showed Internet 100, the same product I have, for $29.99 per month.

So, Suddenlink lists two prices for Internet 100. First, the $59.99, then $29.99, which is apparently an offer for new residents. Yet, I am paying $89.99 + $30.00 or $119.99 per month plus various other charges of almost $20.00 for a total of $138.67 per month.

I contacted Suddenlink support 06/20/2022, and Jamar (VSL) told me that I could get it reduced by $10.00 for derating my service to 50 Mbps. I think I am being gouged.

Submitted by: Anonymous Suddenlink customer in Tyler | Read more Suddenlink complaints

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