T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I tried to get a phone turned on at your pico Location in mid city only for the agent to tell me she can’t do the account I ask why she didn’t give me an answer I noticed she still left my information on the screen and I believe that the spotters aka gangstalker was in the parking lot went in and got a iPhone in my name the lady took it out to her and no one will take all these phone lines out my name Also at Metro PCs there are six phones in my name I went to corporate office to take it out my name but there still in my name no one helping me get these lines out of my name I just had a phone stolen from me by a spotters aka gangstalker a week ago filed two insurance claim because my phones were sent to address where the spotters is residing at twice a blue and black Nokia phone was sent next door. So I went to pico location to see why I haven’t still receive my phone she said that it comes the next day I told the agent it’s been a week I still haven’t received my new phone. They tried to file another claim but it won’t go through because the person who have the phone using my number and Metro PCs turned it on for them so now I’m not able to file a claim the system won’t allow them to because the person who stole my identity have it on in my name I need help with getting my new phone service and I also been overcharged and my bill supposed to be 40 month plan.

New Nokia phone not have to pay the deductible because I was overcharged for services.

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Los Angeles | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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