T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
23 May 2022
My name is David ***** and my experience with T-Mobile was not a good experience. I came into T-Mobile because there was an advertisement on TV that there is a buy one get one free deal on the phones. I came to T-Mobile from Verizon and they had a certain plan for us to go by which was the Magenta Max plan and we brought in our phones. I came in with four phones. Two of them were the iphone 11 pro max and the other two were the iphone 11. We handed the two iphone 11s for iphone 13s and kept with us the iphone 11 pro maxs because they did not have them in stock at the store and helped us to order the iphone 13 pro maxs. We also ordered two air pods, and they told us that we need to wait about forty days. After forty days, the order never came and then we started having problems with the two iphone 13s that we had. We went to the store and while we were getting the problems fixed with the iphone 13s, we asked about the order as to why it never came. The one who helped us there told us that the order was canceled. I was in shock as I never got a notification and the company did not even bother to ask if we got it or not. They asked if I wanted to reorder it and I said yes. They told me to wait another forty days and I did not care to wait another forty days. Then, it happened again. The order never came and I was not happy with that at all, so I did not reorder for a third time. I tried to call customer service for issues that I would have and someone from the Philippines would pick up the phone, and the one who picked up the phone from the Philippines works from home and she could not transfer me to a manager. When we went to the store to get help, the employee skipped over us and helped someone else, and he had a bad attitude with us. I called one more time for customer service and a gentleman from India picked up and he promised to help me and took my credit card number and he was supposed to ship the order overnight. After a week of waiting, the order never came in. I went back and checked my bank statement and found a charge of $403.16 which was an activation fee, for four phones when I only have two phones. I paid the first bill from December 06, 2021 to January 05, 2022 on January 04, 2022 and the amount was $226.67 and a payment of $42.79. Then my bill for January was $307.40. I didn’t even have the other two phones so they should not have charged me a higher price. They were charging me for three lines when I only had two. Then for March 06, 2022 to April 05, 2022 they wanted me to pay $1,461.99. This is not right of them as I never got the two iphone 13 pro maxs. I transferred over to Metro by T-Mobile and they were very good there, but the problem was that T-Mobile would not unlock the iphone 13s for us to transfer, which made me have to buy two new phones which were the iphone 11s. T-Mobile would not unlock the iphone 13s or give us back our old iphone 11s. This made me not pay for the iphone 13s, and I can not use them. This is not fair at all. This was not what we agreed on at all and no one told me about this. They are trying to collect a debt from us but we do not even have the phones or anything. We spoke to Linda and she will not respond or anything. She gave us wrong information when she did speak with us. Her contact information is ******@*****.***, and ***-***-****. We went over to Metro by T-Mobile and we paid $1,213.24 when we should not pay because we never got our old phones back. T-mobile has the old phones. It is not fair for me to pay again when they stole money and on top of that did not give us our money back or our old phones back. We had a terrible service and on top of that we have to pay money for it. The total amount that I lost was $3,380.02. I counted this from my bank account and I need this back. This is the total for both T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile

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