T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
My fiance and I switched over from Boost mobile. I have my I.D. for the account to be made in my name but employer let fiance’s mother put in her name. But yet with my debit card under her name. Not only that after I payed for everything, our phone ar disconnected and have no service now. We have had our phone lines for over 10 years now we can’t even have our numbers to go else where after T Mobile takes our money and let’s someone else buy there selves phones and disconnected ours. I have a business under that phone number I mean business cards, shirts, hats, and ext. So now even if I wanted to just take the lose of over 600$ now I can’t even have our phone numbers. Let alone they won’t take my card off her account. My fiancee mother and her husband tried to kill me with my 3 year old daughter in my truck which can get police report of and told that to t mobile and they still tell us we have to contact them to have permission to get our phones back to have our numbers. Our numbers that we have had over 10 years.

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Bridgeton | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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