T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
Loststolen my phone Sunday June 12 reported the phone on June 13 so instead of using insurance I used my free upgrade . So t mobile lied and said they will overnight the phone ,I didn’t receive phone unti Friday June 17 . Tried to activate phone unsuccessfully so I called T-Mobile for assistance, no ne could assist me after speaking with 5 reps and two supervisors. They instructed me to go to physical location to get a sim because Eid wasn’t working. So Saturday June 18 I went to the store just to find out that a sim lock was on the phone . They told me it would be removed after 48 hrs . 48 hrs past so I called T-Mobile only yo find out lock was still on the phone . So after that went to another T-Mobile store and still same problem lock on the phone . I use and need my phone for work ,business,etc. AND I HAVE MISSED OUT ON SEVERAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND MONEY FROM MU BUSINESS AND ALL THEY OFFERED IS TO take 40$ off the phone bill

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