U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
in 2005 u haul allowed a man to rent a truck using my own license. I didn’t know him and he caused me to lose my entire life and all my assets without any regard for my family life , kids lives. I didn’t need or want him to drive a truck and park in my driveway. my husband Steven ***** was then allowed to take a lot of my personal items , all my camera’s kids clothing , shoes. Ryder trucking, and a man with a box truck also robbed my home.

I wasn’t allowed to rent a truck even though I had a valid license from u haul because I had been getting robbed in my home and I was only going to park in front of my own home for two weeks to move safety without losing all my children and my own assets. I actually worked for years at a hardware store on eastern ave in {{ address hidden }} and numerous mentally stable people from savon, Albertsons were friends of mine until three walmarts came to Nevada.

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