U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
A friend rented a tow behind trailer from Uhaul on Feb 1, 2022. My 2005 Trailblazer was the SUV used to tow the Trailer. The Trailer was professionally packed and weight distribution was equal in the trailer. Upon coming from Fayetteville N.C. to Auburn, AL, I was passed by an 18 Wheeler Truck, which caused a “wind Draft”, “Sway”, “Fish-Tail” and eventually caused me to lose control, causing my vehicle and trailer to jack-knife, turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the highway we were traveling. Upon coming to a traumatic and screeching halt (slammed on the brakes) the trailer continued to slide, eventually slamming into my vehicle! This impact caused $6,500 in damages to my vehicle. Repwest, the insurance provider for Uhaul denied my claim, even though I purchased their “Tow Safe” insurance. I want to sue them for this claim, as my vehicle has been totaled out. I was allowed to keep a clean title, but the settlement with MY INSURANCE doesn’t cover the damage after the $500 deductible and $650 to ensure a branded title is not applied to my vehicle. Rep West’s refusal to pay has caused me not to afford to fix the damages, increased my Premiums and cost me $1,100 to settle! This is not the first time they have avoided financial obligations. I reported them to NHTSA, the State Patrol of S.C. (filled out and accident report) because I was traveling 5 miles under the recommended 55 MPH speed. Those trailers are not safe for highway travel. No laws were broken, speeds exceeded and the damage done to my vehicle was from their trailer. They are liable for my repairs and NHTSA needs to outlaw trailers for highway use as they are not aerodynamic, have brakes, are not weighed once packed and the wheels are not located in the proper place to support a max load! As with this reservation and settled lawsuits before, they also had issues fulfilling this reservation for the time requested and that affected the time the movers were to arrive! All around, this fiasco has cost me $10k in damages and costs, but does not include the trauma from the jack-knife and spiraling thoughts of death as it happened!

Compensation of $100,000+ for damages caused to my vehicle and trauma experienced. I asked for them to simply fix my vehicle and they blamed an 18 Wheeler truck for the damage and unsafe product that damage my vehicle and caused traumatic “punitive damages”

Submitted by: Anonymous U-Haul customer in Atlanta | Read more U-Haul complaints

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