U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
There is a grace period of 5days before getting locked off the property. This cleaner at {{ address hidden }} named Iris keeps claiming she is site manager. When I want to get a 24 hour code I went to see a young lady name Andrea over on {{ address hidden }} so that tells me that she is not the site manager my rent was due on the 17th I called to make sure because I needed to build some clients I’ve been sick I got diagnosed with first stage breast cancer so I go Friday evening because all of my equipment for my CLEANING BUSINESS is in that storage for my employees and myself and my clients I go at 5:15 and I cannot get in my days were not up until Monday morning and this woman Iris this young girl max me out before my grace period was up she broke the contract I did not break the contract gay also they want me to sign some other contract I signed a contract when I went in there otherwise you’re going to get a cold for 24 hours I’ve reached out to the manager Jeffrey ***** many times went to the store many times even with a friend a witness he said he would clear it up and let me in I got charged more money in it then I was supposed to be for the rental and for late fees after one day that is not within my contract they’ve completely broke my contract he keeps telling me he will call me back he is he just blows me off they hang up the phone on me they are ignoring me completely I cannot do any business without my things out of that storage she should’ve never locked me out two days before the end of my grace. Because I guarantee you nobody else got locked out of their storages early not a chance but I did and I think it’s discrimination because I heard her and her and her little Mexican girlfriends talking about how white women were when she was standing outside my storage and showed it to other people that work for me heard the same thing also another witness to this manager named Jeffrey ***** listen to him tell me that everything will be fine I will get it tomorrow you give me the two days does that mean he’s ignoring me by me up for hanging the phone and it’s not professionalism and they broke the contract I did not and I do not feel treated fairly at all I feel discriminated against They are telling me that I don’t have a signed contract how can that be everything I use for my business is in that storage No I have not been able to work for almost a week did Henry me and I have lost a lot of money by not being able to access my supplies I feel that I am being discriminated against that managers out right bold lied to me has not returned my call his professionalism is absolutely horrible and so is that young girl who should not have access as a cleaner to my personal information or files because if that was the case she could’ve given me a 24 hour code and she was not allowed to because she is only a cleaner that came from a district manager name Andrea are use my storage like a lot of other people there to store my supplies they have no right to keep me out of it when everybody gets the same treatment five days grace. And I did not they broke my contract if these are run on sentences I apologize I’m speaking into the phone so I’m not putting periods capitals or commas I want them held accountable I’ve lost over $1500 since Friday because I cannot access the things that I need to go clean my clients places How do I have a contract to sign when it says this number is an active contract these people are the worst these managers are absolutely not professional whatsoever and they have caused me a lot of grief and I want something done about it please This is a complete disgrace on their part to me nobody should have to go through this over a storage unit everybody is treated equally the contracts are written the same why am I being discriminated against

Submitted by: Anonymous U-Haul customer in Scottsdale | Read more U-Haul complaints

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