U-Haul Claim for Compensation

U-Haul Claim for Compensation

What U-Haul did:
in July 2021 I Joshua ***** and my wife Marie ***** went to Uhual in Manchester to retrieve somethings from our storage unit. upon opening the storage units door we already could smell the stench of things being wet for a long period of time. after opening the door we then began to see puddles on top of boxes and storage bins bags of clothes were soaked and growing mildew aswell as everything that wasnt in a bin. all boxes were soaked furniture had layers of mold everywhere. one could clearly see the damage to everything aswell as smell. all electronics like tvs and my wifes work desktop and monitor screens for her employment. we immediately told the uhual representative that was onseen who happened to be the manager. she immediately started denying the allegations and continued to say there is no way and impossibe that rain got indoors that they were brand new buildings and first time renting it out. once she walked down to the unit with us she then began to say oh yea you can smell it from here then began to observe what we seen and said she would document it that we were the first to report this issue but there must be more. from that point on we were directed to the insurancs company and that she would forward her report to them aswell. insurance directed us to take pics and inventory everything in there aswell as the value and to retrieve receipts. we took over 370 pics went though mold my wife was pregnant aswell and did everything they asked after 10 months they offered us a 1000$ and that was offered by uhual. the insurance company denied our claim saying the weather cannot be controlled so it wasnt there fault, must i remin you it was a inside storage in a climate controlled building. if that was a issue customers had to worry about in a climate controlled building they should say that to the customers so we know if it rains it will get in but they didnt know considering it was a new building. everything we owned was in that storage because we were in the process of moving we signed our new lease the day before we went to the storage to get our stuff we had everything in there and a 1,000$ is what we are offered. there has to be something someone can do to help us. uhual sent over there rights claimer if we were to accept there offer a month ago and we regected it. what should we do we have most of the receipts and evidence ect aswell as the communication between parties. not only did they ruin everything they wanted us to continue to pay them to store it while we went thru the insurance company when we didnt they sent everything to auction in december of 2021. there is no way companies should be allowed to take advantage of customers in this way especially a world wide company like uhual.
this also caused our credit to drop significantly there is so much more to explain but that is a summary

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