Venmo Claim for Compensation

Venmo Claim for Compensation

What Venmo did:
I created an account, successfully verified my identity in-app. linked my bank account, everything was fine until I received my first payment $150. Venmo immediately froze my account, said I needed to submit my drivers license to further verify my identity after suspicious activity. I sent it, waited 5 days for a specialist to follow up- Who then told me I needed to verify my bank account by submitting a bank statement. Sent that, waited even longer – for a payment I needed to instantly transfer to my bank – not wait over two weeks for – . after everything, a specialist finally reached out and told me I violated their terms of service which I did not because I read them- and the funds in my account will be held for 180 days. I needed the money right away but the biggest problem is that this payment was sent to me for an online sale through offerup. The buyer wanted to use venmo for purchase protection. I told them I was not willing to ship the item until I receive the payment in my bank account- because a lot of scammers try to deal dispute and get the money refunded to them because they have purchase protection and so they lie and say they never received the item. I kept stressing this to venmo because the buyer needed the item quickly, and it’s already been two weeks I didn’t get the money and the buyer got mad. So I ended up sending the item because I felt bad about the inconvience. Then, the day after the buyer confirmed that they received the item- venmo went ahead and refunded the money back to them and my balance became 0. So I didn’t get my money. And I also sent someone an item from my store that was $300 all together. (They we’re going to pay the other half once they received it.)

Submitted by: Anonymous Venmo customer in Bordentown | Read more Venmo complaints

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