Venmo Claim for Compensation

Venmo Claim for Compensation

What Venmo did:
Case Description:I won a settlement against venmo via fairshake. The very moment venmo paid me the money was taken out of my account fraudulently. I called and I was hung up on 6 times in one day and still was not able to get the dispute process started because as I was on hold they closed customer service. $2,030 was the amount they offered me and every dime was taken out right after they paid me. They would not let me add any bank account, use my venmo debit card, or send the money to anyone via the app. I need my $2,030 back. I have to pay fairshake $405 because that was the agreement for the settlement and now I cannot pay fairshake because the money was fraudulently stolen and venmo has done nothing about it. $5000 was also fraudulently taken from my bank account that was previously on file and venmo is well aware of this but I have not recieved a dime back regarding this. They owe me $7,030 in total. They closed my account permanently despite the fact that I have never violated any user agreement and my $2030 is stuck in the app they are refusing to give me access to my funds.

Submitted by: Anonymous Venmo customer in Porter | Read more Venmo complaints

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