Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
Ive had service with them for 35 years and last year upgraded to a I Phone 12 pro max total disaster getting the phone after receiving the phone The phone was defective , they were replacing the phone and over nighting it next day no phone. after calling 3 days later I get the phone ,problems again with the phone the touch screen docent work . so again send another phone and I realized it was a refurbished phone told them I’m not paying for a refurbished one so they sent a new one . for the next 6 month fought with them over the bill they were charging for multiple new phone and over 200 hours to get a resolution . . now 8 month later have troubles with the phone cant receive calls for 2 week back and fourth on phone with customer service. 3 week now and still don’t have complete service have email telling me to go to a corporate store to get a replacement , go to the store and they say there nothing in there system . another 30 hours and still no resolution. loss of money I use my phone to process application for low income people to get free phones,

loss of income , time spent on the phone ,gas going and coming back from there corporate store. and aggravation

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