Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
On march 24th 2022 i decided to upgrade from my iphone 7 to the iphone 13 pro max, so i did. I received my phone & shipped old phone back to verizon as i was told to do on april 1st & they received the phone on april 4th according to the tracking number 1Z4E9W390683749855. I then was sent a automated message saying i had a bill of $752.75, i called verizon & was told the phone has not been processed but they have received it. So the guy who helped me out told me he’s going to suppress the $600 balance & i should just pay the $152.75 & should have bo issues and it should all be resolved on it’s own and my services would be good. I did just that. Then I’m receiving messages to make the $600 payment, threatened that my service will be suspended if i don’t make the payment. I ignored it because i was told i should be fine. On june 7th, that all changed. My services have been suspended, so i have to leave work because i need my phone for work. I contacted verizon, i’m told the $600 was suppressed but never placed as a credit, so this next person helps me by saying she applied the $600 request & it should have no issued being accepted as all evidence is there that my old phone is now with verizon. She tries to troubleshoot networking issues because my phone’s service is showing active but my phone clearly is not working. I am then lied upon saying that there’s an outage in the area for about 12-14 hours & my service should be up and running. ( my mom who is with verizon as a carrier can use her phone without having to be on wifi, however i cannot ) so it’s a lie to make me hang up. i now then tell her it’s been a frustrating 2 months because of the fact that it has not been resolved, i ask what can verizon do for me for this big inconvenience. I am promised that they’ll cover half my bill for next month. And tomorrow, June 8th, 2022 i should have service again. It’s a lie, i call verizon again on june 8th, and i’m now told the $600 credit was denied, and that they never received my old phone. And that i have to wait until june 9th for a solution. I cannot work until i have service on my phone, i am not at fault. The evidence is there & i’m a customer dealing with a irresponsible company

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