Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
In march I added Verizon home protection With the understanding from a representative that my daughters phone would be covered under the protection even if she wasn’t under my contract because I had the home protection and when I called to make a claim I was told that the protection wasn’t added so I added it again and then in April when I called to try to make a claim I was told that my daughter‘s phone was would not be covered and I explained to A representative that was the only reason why I added the plan and asked for it to be removed even though I didn’t use it I will still charge for the services than in may I upgraded my iPhone 11 to an iPhone 13 Pro Max and used my daughters iPhone 8+ As The trade-in because they had a promotion going for if you traded in your old phone you can get a credit dependent upon the phone so the credit i I was told that I would receive once I went to the store and got my new phone from a Verizon representative was $800 now going back and looking at my account I’m saying that I’m not being credited what they told me I was going to get this is the second time they’ve given false information to me in order for me to purchase their products because if I wasn’t given this information I would’ve never upgraded nor purchased a home protection I was unaware of any of this until after the fact when I had discussed the home protection with the representative prior to purchasing it and was told something that wasn’t true same thing with the phone I talk to a representative over the phone before purchasing the new phone and was told I would get a credit that I did not get

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