Vrbo Claim for Compensation

Vrbo Claim for Compensation

What Vrbo did:
I went on their app to find a plafe to stay last min. The request had to be sent to the host for approval and I didnt know there was a waiting period when making a request. I needed it like the next day. So I didn’t even hear back the request was approed until the day of check in. That did’nt work for me,.

Immediately when I saw it was not going to be immediately approvved I emailed th host and said cancel this won’t work. They did’nt are they approved it and said it was non refundable. I didn’t end up staying there.

After that I went and found another place to stay. Same thing happned. I then emailed the host and said cancel. He even got back to me right away so I felt good that my request to cancel would be fine, as it waas literally 5 min after sending it. I got the same response, too bad and it’s non refundable.

The thing I don’t get is, how ccan you be charged twice to stay at two places at once>? This seems likie a serious system glitch. The folks at VRBO are not helpful

Submitted by: Anonymous Vrbo customer in Bountiful | Read more Vrbo complaints

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