Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
Wells Fargo texted me 04/27/2022 with 2 suspected fraud charges amounting over $300 (Gold and Amazon) I called them right then to negate the charges. I was connected within 3 minutes to a Rep who stated…oh..the charges have already been paid (despite the fact they KNEW they were fraudulent.) From there 4 investigations, still blaming me and they keep yanking the money in and out without notice. They stated a PIN was used for charges which is not accurate as charges were online. Today 06/21/2022 they stated the 3 digit code was known and utilized but if your cards are scanned all that information is available to the hacker. They have accused my daughter and myself of the hack. Per the letter, I had the right to and so I requested the documents they based their decision on during 1st investigation on 04/27/2022 Have not received anything to date. Have written 5 letters to date, held on the phone, been hung up on by employees of bank and all of these actions when I have Wells Fargo ZERO Fraud Liability on all my 4 accounts with them and/or in the end Fair Credit Billing Act should apply which means only $50 as opposed to over $300. Was hung up on 3 times today and last person I spoke with Albert left so many dead spaces during the call I had to repeatedly ask was he there. His repeated response to me..prove you did not do it. I stated ball was in your court, you advised me and within 3 minutes return call…paid! I requested a call from someone higher up the food chain..we will see what happens. Supposedly will receive the initial claim papers by 06/23/2022

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