National Collegiate Trust Complaint

National Collegiate Trust Complaint

What National Collegiate Trust did:
In 2021, sued for a ‘Claim Paid” by guarantor in 2019 for a 2006 private loan debt (cosigner). Also was listed in Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008. Shown/reported Claim Paid on American Education Services. After guarantor (Terri’s Collection Agency PAID CLAIM and closed, In 2019 NCT transferred from their affiliate (AES-who services their loans)) to Law Offices of Padeaux (debt collectors for them) and sued my mother for $10,000. With no attorney, plaintiffs are being granted limited liability. They have violated my mother’s rights via deception. We are in need of immediate assistance. This debt is beyond statute of limitations and plaintiffs never addressed it. Case now referred for arbitration. Please help. I would like to countersue on my mother’s behalf. She is 80 years old, social security, low income, stage 4 cancer in remission. I have been trying to help her. I am Sandra ***** PLEASE HELP ASAP

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