Hr Block Complaint

Hr Block Complaint

What Hr Block did:
H and R Block made out my 2021 tax return. It showed I owed $2811 to the IRS and $1191 to the State of Oregon. I was given virtually no chance to review this return before they e-filed it. Having never had to pay anything like this before I consulted a CPA who had formerly made out my taxes and, using the same data I supplied to Block, he filed an amended return showing I actually owed $594 to the IRS and $243 to Oregon. In other words, fthe amended return showed an overpayment of $3,165. They also way over-estimated my future estimated tax payments which they based on their erroneous return. They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (supposedly) but so far have not refunded me the tax preparation cost as stipulated in the Guarantee

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Oregon | Read more Hr Block complaints

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