Pnc Complaint

Pnc Complaint

What Pnc did:
We have been members of PNC for about 13/14 years.
Normally. I go to Main Street branch in South River, being you closed it.
Now I must go to . The first time I went there.
I had to wait about. 30 to 40 minutes. I was the only one waiting.
Well anyway, everything was taken care of.
Unfortunately for me. I had to return to Route. 18 branch again.
The person who took care of me. I forgot his name. But he was kind and outgoing. And easy to talk to
I surmised that he just started there, and he was in training. I had no problem with that.
I was going to pay off an equity loan. That was completed without incident.
Then I asked about a paper being notarized.
He said he does not have the authority.
What followed is a total disaster.
A person that walked in took me completely by surprise. Not Her walking into the office.
Its’ the way she presented herself. Storming into the office, not professionally, not introducing herself. I guessed, she was A boss of some kind. I still do not know.
She picked up the paper that I wanted to get notarized. It is the same Document I have been getting notarized at PNC
For as long as I have been at PNC.
She picked it up waving it around. Like it was contaminated, or Maybe I was trying to commit fraud.
She tried to read it. Why do I say tried? Because she had asked me what it was. I informed her.
Its’ document is from the State of New Jersey for my disability check, which was directly deposited into PNC.
And by me having it notarized. It proves I am still alive. I am not trying to commit fraud.
She seemed quite confused. And then she told me that the notary was busy.
I was starting to get very nervous. So, I had her return my document to me.
In her rage, she might have destroyed it.
Well, I didn’t get the letter notarized.
What happened to me in that branch:
I was disrespected. Humiliated, and other languages I will not use.
That person, practiced Discrimination, especially at elderly people. I am 81 years old.
I get around quite well. But I have a problem. It comes with age. Especially men.
I must urinate, quite often. I asked where is the restroom? I was told. I am not allowed to use it.
I took it personally. Maybe, being an elderly person, I might mess it up or whatever it is in their mind.
I left the PNC branch. Without my document being notarized. I became worried she would screw it up on purpose.
I was in that office for so long. The manager would not allow me to use the restroom.
I got out of there in a hurry, embarrassed & humiliated with wet pants.
On the way out I was escorted to the door by the employee that was first to offer his help.
At the door,” please Sir, I had nothing to do with that what just happened”. I acknowledged that and proceeded to leave.
That was the same thing at the other branch on 18, my wife wanted to use the restroom, they refuse her from using it.
My wife is a Filipino. She is petite. On occasion, people take advantage of her due to her size.
And they think that they can bully her, her being a Filipino with their type of persona she usually just ignores it.
if I’m aware of it, I don’t let it go by. Sometimes she’ll wait to tell me about It.
She informed me of what happened later in the day.
We use the PNC branch on Main Street in South River. We let it go by. (My big mistake)
Your staff has been covering for her for all these years. when I reported what happened on the most recent disaster.
I spoke to a man first and he said he would push it upstairs.
Then a woman called wanted to know the details. But she was concerned about me suing for discrimination.
I told her; I was not interested in suing anyone at present. But that can change.
The only thing she was interested in was if I was going to sue.
I’m writing this letter to you now because we are completely out of PNC.
We weren’t going to take the risk of any kind of retaliation.
The retaliation has begun. I received a letter from PNC, with no name on it, threatening me with court action or damage to my credit score, I have over 800 credit scores. I withdrew all our phones over the period of time, it was difficult and time-consuming, I never realized how involved we were with PNC.

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