Citibank Complaint

Citibank Complaint

What Citibank did:
I have had an account with citibank since 1984 and considered myself a loyal client of theirs , the last 3 months have been a complete nightmare to me and they have driven me madly in debt ,they have restricted access to my account , mind you im in my 70s and rescently underwent throat surgery due to covid , they forced me to call them to verify myself in order to touch my own money , well i did agaisnt my doctos orders
then they continued to get in the way of every transacton i attempted , they kept asking me for my credit card information wich i cannot give them because the card never arrived and i even have a letter from them saying i never activated my card . then they would not let me pay my bills etc with my checking account , i have full access to the account emails and listed numbers on file , but they want me to call from my dead’s wife number that i no longer have and i kept telling them she died dec 26 2018

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