Hr Block Complaint

Hr Block Complaint

What Hr Block did:
H&R Block took my state tax money and charged me from my own pocket for services. They charge 175 for their service. I go back a month later for more help and charged me 55 for more help. Which I paid from my own pocket. Then took my state refund. I did not know he did untill a month later. When I called the NC IRS. And they said my money was already deposited. But my banking account numbers did not match the account it was deposited in. I called H&R blocks 800 number is when they told me about the charge. I would like all my money back. The 55 plus the 175 for the services and the 87 the took from my state refund. I have been an H&R Block customer for 15 years at least maybe more. I am disappointed in them. As a professional company I was surprised this happened. Never again will they receive my devices.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in North Carolina | Read more Hr Block complaints

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