Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
In February of 2022 I contacted Brinks Home Security after being directed by ATT Digital Life to do so as they were not upgrading system and were going to shut it down soon.
I called sales and told most of my existing equipment would be compatible but if not it would be upgraded no charge and I also ordered an additional touch pad and it was explained I had 30 days to evaluate it and if I wanted it I would be charged accordingly and if not I must return it. I agreed and they said someone would call me in less than 24 hours to set up an install date. No one contacted me for over a week and in the meantime some equipment showed up. I called Brinks and said no one had called me. They said here is their phone number as we use a sublet install company and they said they had put another call in to contact me. I waited a few days and heard nothing back so for about a week I kept calling and finally someone answered. I explained what the call was about and was told they were aware of me but were really busy and had not been able to call me. So they said we can set you up a date but it will be 7 weeks from now. I said wow ok. In the meantime I get a bill from brinks for the pad saying it had been over 30 days and I now owe for it. I called and explained the alarm was not installed yet and how was I able to evaluate it if it was not active?? They said will will make a note of it but you must pay for it now and seek a refund if you don’t keep it. That was not was I was told which fell on deaf ears.
The 7 weeks go by and a young kid shows up to install/replace the existing system. He said there was no reason to replace most of my equipment other than the system panel and camera. I was a bit surprised he cut the the new power supply lines and spliced them into the existing wiring and said it was too much work to replace it all and this would be fine. He also cut the cameral power supply line a s well and spliced.
He said its all hooked and and works fine. I said can you help me set up the camera and digital thermostat controls. He said that was something he doesn’t do but that Brinks would walk me through it.
I called Brinks and they walked me through the programing and that was it so I thought.
The next morning I awake to a 60 degree house and had no control of the temp control through the pad or at the thermostat head. I called Brinks and they bounced me around to 5 or 6 different people and said let us have control and assured me it was fixed. An hour later the thermostat went to 60 and I had no control. I called again and went through the whole procedure and they said it fixed the last person did not do it right. The next morning same thing 60 in the house and no control. I called again and in the meantime I realized my camera was not recording anything and brought that up as well. They played with both things and said we can see the thermostat goes down on its own and no one is doing it as it records when adjustments are made. As for the camera its an Iphone issue as our system in not compatible with the iPhone and it will not be able to alert you of any events. I was like so if I am away from the house I have no way of knowing if someone is at my door breaking in or if my house catches fire? I was told sorry its your Iphone.
They said the reason for the thermostat was the install company should have replaced it with the Brinks one and to call them to come out and swap it. I called and was i formed they do not swap them but would provide me one if they determined it was at fault but I would need to pay an heating company to do it. They also said it would be 7 to 8 weeks minimum before they could look at it.
I called back to Brinks and said I am removing this system and do not want it. Its been 2 days and nothing has worked. I have no confidence they burglar alarm or fire alarm works and my house is stuck at 60 and its in the 30s and snowing.
They said I must return the equipment and pay for the return plus they would require me to sign a document to terminate. I called about 6 times before they actually sent me the link. I signed it and returned the equipment on April 7th. I asked about the money being returned for the extra pad and was told they would credit my card. I said no i want a check since i paid by check. They said the check would be there within 3 to 10 days. A week later a get a letter stating I owe for the full monitoring fee since I did not terminate before 30 days. I said I terminated it in 2 days of being active and they put me on hold 20 minutes and got back to me saying it was an error on their part. I asked about the check since it had been over a week and was told what check. They had no record of a check being issued and I was yet to return the equipment. I said well i have a ups receipt and they person who signed for it. They put me on hold again and then said yes we see that and will issue you a check expect in in a week or so. That was mid April. I call May and asked about the check. They said what check again. I went through the whole story and was again told i didn’t return the equipment. I we t theough that again and was told we will release the check. I called at the beginning of June and was told no check has been issued. We cant issue a check we must refund a credit card and asked for it. I was told the card would be credited in 24 to 48 hours. That would have been the first week of June. Still no refund. I called after waiting a week and was told it takes up to 15 days and we would have never told you 24 to 48 hours. Do they not realize i have been writing all this stuff down? So that would have put it for 6/22. Here its 6/23 and still no payment. I was told not to call back until after the 24th. I called on the 24th and this time they blamed me for calling too many times and said they make up a new ticket each time and this will not not go through until the 30th. It’s July 1st and still no money. I called just now and am told the ticket has expired and no one handled it so now I must call back next week and will need to be transferred to a new extension to see if they can help. They said they close at 5pm. I said it’s 4:30 here on the east coast and she said it’s 3:30 where they were from and was not sure why it will not go through but the extension says they are closed for the day.
My question is do you have any intention of ever refunding me? It is becoming quite clear you do not as I have been lied to time after time and given excuse after excuse and still no money. What a way to do business. This has been a nightmare since April and they just keep making up excuse after excuse. Please do as promised and fullfill your obligation. I have jumped though all the hoops and am at my wits end.
Robert Caligiuri
Phone 412-915-7746

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