Charter Spectrum Complaint

Charter Spectrum Complaint

What Charter Spectrum did:
On April 2, 2022 I was attempting to help my best friend get out of a bad situation. I woke up Sat morning to discover I had no phone service I thought I must had messed up the due by date. As this was the first month since December 2021 I would have to start paying my bill as it had been deferred for COVID 19 reasons.  I updated my billing info but, was not notified I was being billed anything. The next day my Wells Fargo account was overdrawn by over $350.00. I called Spectrum and to ask why I was charged so much
After 20 minutes I was informed it was due to not returning my old device to which I stated how could I had never received a prepaid shipping label to do so. The phone call ended in my frustration of trying to explain how they were dishonest about how much they were charging me and I could have put the amount on a emergency credit card until the matter could be resolved. I asked could switch cards and they just refund my Wells Fargo account because I’m on a limited income right now. They said no, that couldn’t be done. I informed them that I’m unable to pay my rent, bills etc. I was offered a $25 credit for my problems and was told again I had received approval to be able to send back my old phone and would receive another return shipping label. Aagain no one said the email with the label was directly coming from FedEx. For 3 weeks in April I went withou any money, an overdrawn bank account and called Spectrum every day regarding the prepaid label that I had not received. These phone calls usually lasted over an hour every day. I received emails from the returns team and the emails stated to call customer service to reach them. It wasn’t until the end of week 2 I learned that Spectrum was upgrading it’s internal system from 1.0 to 2.0 and that Customer service representatives no longer had the ability to connect me with the return team. I was told they attempted to call me. Every time I let them know I don’t answer numbers I don’t know. (I was a victim of D.V. & stalking 2 yrs ago). By the 3rd week I was loosing my patience, window for returning my old device a 2nd time, bank account overdrawn and no resolve. I informed Spectrum that I had done my part as the customer and I was going to charge back what they would not rectify. I was concerned Wells Fargo might close my account that I have had for a long time due to insufficient funds. I also needed to pay my bills. If they couldn’t send me a return label for me to return my old phone well I was having the bank charge back Spectrum charges. It took Wells Fargo over 10 business days for my charge back to be completed. During that time I went to Reddit to see if anyone had a similar issue which is where I learned the label was coming from FedEx! A Reddit users post revealed that info – not any of the multiple customer service reps or supervisors. It was on April 19th I was on my laptop and saw the whole subject line: FedEx return shipping label Spec…..Woo Hoo. Let’s not get so happy because this debacle doesn’t have a happy ending. Also, I should note I printed every email I received from Spectrum since the very first initial return email on Feb 3, 2022 inc statements. In the initial email it states I will receive an email from them with my prepaid shipping label. All correspondence for the whole thing was from Spectrum. One would reasonably assume the return label would be sent from a Spectrum email not a FedEx email account. Fast fwd. I ship the device back on April 30th but, before I do I take a picture of the front and back of my now fully wiped phone pack it in the box they sent my new one in, I wrapped the phone in the bubble wrap the new one came in and replaced the brown paper that was also used to ship me the new device. I take it to FedEx Kinkos location on April 30th ask about insurance & the guy working tells me the prepaid label that I had from Spectrum Mobile did not include insurance. So I asked could I buy insurance and was told it wasn’t worth me spending money on as 90% of FEDEX claims are denied (again this will be relevant later) I was running out of time and reluctantly sent the device on anyway. Received an email from Spectrum on May 4th stating they had received my old device and that I had not returned it within the time allowed and that they will be sending it back to me and they will ship the item back to me, provide tracking info in the next few days.
More phone calls no info. No further emails. No email stating the old device was sent back to me. Then my phone service is disconnected AGAIN! I would also like to state I’m low income, have major health issues, section 8 I informed them they were putting my life at risk by my doctor’s now not being able to reach me. I now know that I have a possible infection in my hip from fluid in the bone. I didn’t know what to do. My sister and mother were taking the phone calls from my doctor’s and then having to drive over to me to give me messages because I didn’t have a phone and live alone. Several days,  phone calls, 2 trips to a Spectrum location and 2 supervisors later. I am finally told by the Spectrum store employee that they marked down the phone being returned for cancellation by the customer. He also said that he had to call customer service multiple times as he kept getting multiple answers as to what the real situation was. after learning this info from the store associate I called Spectrum once again in frustration and finally got a supervisor on the phone who explained to me the phone had been received broken. To which I said yes of course that was the whole reason for the the exchange under the warranty is the digitizer does not work so if they took it apart and they say it’s messed up on the inside that’s why. She then informs me that not only was the device messed up on the inside I’m not sure why but the back glass on the phone was cracked. I informed her I did not send them a broken phone I only sent them a phone with the digitizer was not responding correctly to touch. I also explained that I understood the original terms of the exchange and that at this point it would have been easier for me to wait the 25 days that was left on the original warranty or to have thrown the phone against the wall, called my insurance company and reported the phone as broken. The insurance policy I have covers theft, damage by the policy holder or someone they let use their phone due to dropping it, water damage, etc. I explained that not only has this cost me time, lots of time this is now the second time my phone has been turned off by Spectrum. Had the phone actually been broken I would have been able to have my insurance company handle it but, because it was not broken it had not been dropped in water that is the whole reason I had to go through Spectrum under the warranty. It would have cost me anywhere between 60 and $100 to have the phone replaced or repaired by going through insurance. She informed me my only option was to either pay for the old phone in its entirety to which I said why would I do that I don’t even have the device. Spectrum now has the device, you guys sent me an email stating that you were going to send back the device, it’s been almost a month and I still haven’t yet to received it. you guys are not trustworthy I don’t believe you. She said, that I could file a claim with FedEx.
I asked, how can I file a claim with FedEx when there’s no insurance on the device. I was told that I could do so by contacting FedEx. I cold by spectrum and FedEx that I could file the claim online. However before filing a claim I read FedEx’s terms of service. I discovered that if I were to have made a claim online with FedEx claims portal for a claim over $100 my claim would have been denied and I would have no further claims for this particular package. Claims over $100 must be done in writing and sent via US mail. It also stated that the recipient of the package needed to have the contents of the package and the packing materials for FedEx to possibly request to look at the device and or the package. It does not say specifically that they would request it but they can should they so desire. I do have pictures of the broken device sent to me by Spectrum. I have the two pictures that I took of the phone before I sent it off via FedEx and I have a screenshot of my Google photos account to show the exact date that the photos were taken. I have also read spectrum’s terms of service their information that they have posted on their website regarding returning phones to them, returning phones under warranty and phone that are insured. I believe that there are at least two or three different ways that Spectrum could have assisted me even once they received the phone in a broken state. It should also be noted that Spectrum does not insure the phones going to the customers and they’re not responsible for customers that return the phones to them should they be damaged during shipping. I feel they are creating some sort of deceptive business practices. I feel like this entire process was unnecessary that there should have been more help I’ve wasted a lot of my time, money, so much stress and frustration I just want the old device credited to my account I would like any outstanding service fees credited and I would like to be compensated for my loss of time and undue stress. And of course any fees to be covered that are a result of me using your company or any lawyer who assists in me in this matter with a positive outcome.15

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