Spirit Airlines Complaint

Spirit Airlines Complaint

What Spirit Airlines did:
I have been flying with spirit every month for a couple years now. I began to notice that when you modify/cancel a flight, the check out page will tell you that you are going to get a credit for the fare difference. Then a few days later you will receive an unannounced charge on your credit card. When you attempt to use the credit, it doesn’t work and the customer service agents say there is no credit available.

After months of noticing this and maling complaints, spirit began to ignore the issue and eventually said they cannot tell me my credits given privacy reasons, which is odd as I was giving them all my personal information to try and obtain them.

I eventually showed a representative what exactly happens by purposely modifying a flight and taking screenshots. The agent confirmed there was an error and gave me a refund for the charge I was never told about on the check out page and made the credit I was promised to work. But they wouldn’t take any action on my past similar experiences totaling an amount I cannot even be sure about as they have been doing this for years. I unfortunately realized it only months ago as I did not know a company could legally do this especially to likely millions of customers as it is an error on their check out page that millions use.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Submitted by: Anonymous in Illinois | Read more Spirit Airlines complaints

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