Usaa Complaint

Usaa Complaint

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My card was constantly getting fraud alerted and they would shut my card off. then i would get double charged. they say they reimburse you for other atm fees but they dont. I told them i was traveling in april for a funeral. i told them all my destinations, dates of travel for myself and my husband, and still somehow they managed to freeze both of our cards. Then when everything is twisted my bills get messed up and i get overdraft fees. aside from embarrassment, and not having money for my medication because they froze my card, i was charged for hotels i never stayed in. Then i got sick so we had to stay in a hotel so I didn’t get his 92 year old grandmother sick. I ended up in the hospital, i have an autoimmune and stress triggers, and had to pay airfare to come home early. tickets were 1300 each.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Usaa complaints

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