Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

What Sprint did:
Unknown Charges
Sprint charged me an unexpected fees of approximately $160 in 2020, while I was abroad and stuck there because of covid19 pandemic. Sprint sold the unpaid account to a debt collector who could not prove concretely that I owe the charges so they removed the derogatory collection notice from my credit report.

Failure to Release Number
After the collection company exonerated me from the responsibility owing or paying the purported debt, I reached out to Sprint’s customer service but they failed to resolve the issue to release my number(which is currently available) so I can port to any service provider of my choice.
Although I did not have a binding contract but month to month service plan with Sprint, they took over my account, and without notifying me resigned my telephone number which I have had since 2010 and to which all my personal and business information are stilled linked.
I have faithfully followed up and explained to Sprint and T-Mobile the precarious position and psychological pain they action had placed me.
I stay on the phone on hold with customer for over 6 to 7 hours. After months of this monkey play I am emotionally drained with severe headaches I notice they never were interested in solving my problem.
The Proposed Resolution
Sprint has refused to resolve my issue voluntarily, thus I would like with immediate effect the release of my number, cease and desist from hounding me through debt collectors and cancel the debt

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