Citibank Bad Customer Support

Citibank Bad Customer Support

What Citibank did:
Good evening, hope everyone is doing well. I was a Citibank customer for the last couple years. On April 14 I received a letter that my account were being closed due to me opening to many accounts, which was only 3 to organize my money efficiently.

The letter stated to wait 60 days from the date of April 14 to receive my funds in my account via check through mail. It’s now been 92 days, I have received no updates, and I’m the one that has to call to ask for updates.

Unfortunately, it’s now 2 times that I call to receive a formal update. I called July 8 and today July 15, and I’m told the same thing. To call back in 2-3 days, and that I’ll be receiving an update via email. Which I never do.

I’ve went in person and asked for an update, and I’m told to call the same number that I’ve been calling.

My only option left is to report it to the consumer agency. If anyone can help me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

An apology for lying and my funds, which were due in 60 days from April 14. Not 92

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