Rent-A-Center Locked My Account

Rent-A-Center Locked My Account

What Rent-A-Center did:
Rent a center has been ******* me around since 8 first ordered my TV. The TV they brought to me was promised it was brand new… it was not new there was a YouTube and Netflix account on the TV already and was lied to about the TV then the port in the back went out for the hdmi connection for our surround sound and rent a center came to get that TV to have it fixed and now the TV we have is smaller then they promised but is still harassing us for the loaner TV that’s smaller then the one I purchased and is harassing my family and my wife for payments to be made to a TV we don’t even have

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund of all money paid fir the TV already wich I believe is close to 1000 dollars and money for the damage they did to my front door bringing in the loaner TV

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