Capital One Bad Customer Support

Capital One Bad Customer Support

What Capital One did:
I went to make a purchase today I received a text asking if it was me I said yes the card still declined I call them they say it’s cause of suspicious activity even after replying to the text saying I was making the purchase. I go through all the charges and verify they are from me they say I can use it. I try to make the purchase again still declined I call back again and was told the system detected fraud and deactivated the card a few days ago. They never called emailed texted nothing just waited until I tried to make a purchase and call them to see what’s going on and then tell me it’s been deactivated a few days ago. I told them I just talked to someone they said it was good to go now they say nope we have to send you another card even though I confirmed every charge. They don’t even know what’s going on one says it’s able to be used since I verified every purchase and the other saying it’s been deactivated for a few days now. They can’t even get their stories right. The deal is that if I made this purchase today (which I was going to make anyways) I would receive a $600 discount I told them that and asked if they were going to credit me $600 since they just screwed me out of that since I’m not able to make the purchase today they just said nope not their problem the system detected fraud so not going to do anything but send you another card. I have auto pay set up on a lot of accounts with a couple coming up in 2 days but the new card won’t even get here in time plus now I have to go through and change the card # on all the auto pay accounts set up.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

credit my account for the $600 they screwed me out of because of them shutting down my account and not even notifying me that they did it a few days ago.

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