Citibank Complaint

Citibank Complaint

What Citibank did:
Hello, dear City bank employees! I am an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation. I appeal to you with a request to return my legal money in the amount of $125 to me. I don’t speak English well. I am writing to you with the help of a translator. I know that now the whole world is angry at the Russian Federation. But I, a simple citizen of the Russian Federation, have nothing to do with what is happening. The fact is that on 07/15/2022 I sent a money transfer to my friend ILYA ***** in the amount of $5000. The money was sent to repay my debt to him. I did not buy any goods, I just returned my debt to him. This transfer has nothing to do with Crimea, *****, or Luhansk. My transfer came to your bank as a correspondent bank. My money order didn’t reach him. The money in the amount of $5000 was in your bank for 18 days, it was blocked by you. And only on 08/05/2022 this money was returned to me, without reaching the recipient. But the money was not returned in full, but in the amount of $4875. Isn’t that fair? Your bank withheld my honestly earned money for 18 days, did not fulfill my transfer order to my friend and returned it back to me. The bank kept $125 for itself. For what? After all, your bank did not fulfill my order to send a money transfer. The bank, on the contrary, enriched itself in 18 days, and returned the money to me, keeping $125. It’s illegal. I ask you to return to me my legitimate, honestly earned money in the amount of $125. I ask you not to equate every citizen of the Russian Federation with participants in the events in Ukraine. I am a simple Russian citizen. I didn’t do anything wrong to you. I am enclosing the shipping and refund documents with this letter.

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