Suntrust Banks Inc Complaint

Suntrust Banks Inc Complaint

What Suntrust Banks Inc did:
I was with us trust from the beginning when they first became suntrust. They have cost me so much money over the years it is not even funny. They would take out the largest paying debit first and let 20 little ones all bounce so they could collect 29 dollars on each one. When a deposit was landing they would take out all the debits before crediting tge account so when I would wake up I’d have a lot less money tgen I should have because they had taken those fees out already. They charged me so much money over tge years not to mention tge fees for using an atm that wasn’t theirs and how many times tgat because of their predatory banking had put me in the position of having to sell things I owned to be able ti make my payments. Then when I closed my account they left it open and allied fees tk add up and then reporting ne to Chex system do now I can’t get a checking account anywhere. When I closed my account I left the ammiunt of mi ey tgat was still coming out of account tgere for that purpose. They used a few schedule to kniw down the anmount of money I had left over and then the Chaco bounced. This is when they reported me to Chex and s tge reason I haven’t been able to get a checking account in over 5 years. Which also has cost me a fortune in paying fees to debit cards.

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