Ally Complaint

Ally Complaint

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I was going to use the services of Ideal Image, going through Ally Lending . The very day i went i gave them my personal information to prove my intentions, however i also found out that since i had joint replacement surgery , as well as pins in other locations of my body , i was not a good candidate. When i got home i was contacted via zoom by a Ideal Image employee from a different location in our state of Texas. Her first words were that she had no idea why they would of sold me the package they did . She went on to say for two reasons 1. I had lost over 100lbs of weight and she said we are not equipped to do that extensive amout of skin lifting, 2 . Also, because of your jount replacement and the other metals and pins in your body , our machines could accidentally melt the medical super glue , or worse cause problems with your heart. My response was ,why didn’t someone explain that at the consultation. I thanked the young woman for her honesty and trustworthyness . I thought that was the end of it. Until I started getting a billing statement from Ally. It seems that the two sample size products ideal image gave us that first day , they charge us $100 a piece. So, when my refund was only half , it was because they wanted their used samples back. Instead of being so elated they dodge a bullet , now they still wanted to force you to work with them . I never used the stuff, and only found one bottle and the box to the other one. I sent it all back. I go to get my mail ,Ally is sending me more letters. I’m fed up with these leeches. They are bordering on harassment of an elderly disabled woman . Sir, i tried everything and spoke with a myriad of different people concerning this matter. Not one knew what the heck is up. If you could help me in this matter i would appreciate it. But, i feel bad asking you for help, these are some of the most clueless folks I’ve ever dealt with. I will assist you in anyway possible.

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