Freedom Phone Bad Customer Support

Freedom Phone Bad Customer Support

What Freedom Phone did:
I got ripped off. I ordered a Freedom Phone on September 5, 2021; it didn’t arrive till January 29, 2022. On April 14th, 2.5 months after I received it, it broke down. I called their tech support multiple times. They kept parroting the same crap but never helped and refused to give me a refund despite the “1-Year Warranty.”
I did manage to get a hold of Erik ***** and he said he’d refund me but never did. He also claimed he sold the company.
These people are crooks taking advantage of citizens who are tired of being censored.
Candance ***** needs to stop pushing this phone; it’s destroying her brand!

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They need to honor their “1-Year Warranty.”

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Freedom Phone complaints

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