Viasat Claim for Compensation

Viasat Claim for Compensation

What Viasat did:
I paid $100 for the installation fee. The internet connection is horrible and flaky i just started service Thursday 8/18/22 i called this morning 8/20/22 to cancel my service and request refunds. The rep told me i was supposed to call yesterday they can only cancel service one day before billing date & i will be charged a $369 fee for ending the contract. This is unfair in many ways and it’s bullying she then offered to leave my account active & pay $10 a month I’m not paying for something that barely works period and i should have been fully refunded my money. Horrible Horrible company expensive for internet that will not work. You can’t stream cable tv or anything they ask how many devices are using the internet at the same time it’s just incredibly disappointing how these companies really get over on people! It’s sad

Submitted by: Anonymous Viasat customer in Fresno | Read more Viasat complaints

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