Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Charter Spectrum did:
We went to update our current service to upgrade phones at a local store. We had Spectrum phones and service with them for almost 3 yrs and internet. We were told during the update that they could not port #’s and the phones deactivated. We would have no service. The option they gave us was to start a whole new acct. We were at the store and in the phone with customer service an hour after the store closed. We were given a new contract, 2 IPhone Max 13 and paid all our fees new phone numbers and left. We did NOT want new #’s or a new acct. We were there to upgrade phones and that it it.A week later our old phones and old phone #’S still worked. They never deactivated the lines and now we’re charging us monthly for 4 lines instead of 2. 6 calls, 13 hrs on the phones, 6 credits to our acct and they we still had a monthly bill of $464. and they shut off our service. They have put in tickets. I have sent them emails with proof of payments and statements. The old phones were active for almost 6 weeks and I called every time and got different answers. Our phones are now being threatened again for shut off if we don’t pay over $400 we DONT OWE. They issued more credits for mistakes they found in the system but credited almost $200 for FUTURE payments and not this one. I’m DONE. I have screamed yelled out connectivity program for our internet was not being taken care of for 4 months and they refuse to back pay the $30 per month that they didn’t start the program when we had approval letter and emails from Spectrum. I want my credits applied to my acct NOW. These ******* phones ON and to go back to regular billing now. They never return phone calls when they say they will. I wait the 3 days and then I have to call them back again and start at square one. Apparently last month the old acct and new acct were merged which caused all of the statements and payments we made to be all screwed up. We are disabled are getting harassed because of their screwups. I have filed a complaint with the BBB also.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

To apply the credits that were their mistakes. Continue our service at the normal rate we were quoted and stop telling me to send more documents over and over again which I have complied too. I do not want future credits. I want them now. We are disabled and on Medicaid and SSI. We don’t have $500 extra to pay when it’s not our charges. They were billing for extra lines payments on the old phone when it’s unlocked and gone to a new owner and was paid off. Help please.

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