DISH Network Claim for Compensation

DISH Network Claim for Compensation

What DISH Network did:
I have been with Dacian at work for over two years been an ongoing problem with pixelating pictures the DVR works how it wants to recently had a technician at my house he installed a new box said that the box I had was low grade I needed to upgrade to a new box which they want me to sign a contract for and they want me to have insurance for I don’t think I should have to pay for a technician to come out and upgrade The satellite box for an issue that has been ongoing for over two years they need to fix the problem I have been paying them I don’t need to pay them to fix a problem with their equipment and I should not have to purchase insurance for something I do not own

I would like the problems I am having fixed without an increase in my bill because I’ve been a pain customer for over 24 months they try to charge me insurance I should not have to pay insurance to protect their equipment I would like the issue solved at no cost to me and no expense added to my bill

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