Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I received a lump sum payment from an insurance company for a workman’s comp case. I went on Bank of America’s website to see what their policy is on cashing big checks first thing I saw was no set limit on cashing checks I would have to pay $8 fee if it was over $50 and I was not a customer. The next thing I saw was there will be no hold put on your money. After that I contacted the branch that I was going to and let them know I was coming in with a large check they said no problem I had even wanted to open an account there. When I got to the branch and presented the check I was informed that it was going to be 10 days hold on my money I said why and at first to tell her lied to me and said oh well this isn’t drawn on our bank so I got to check back and I said yes Bank of America right here and I said about the hold your website says that there’s no hold on your money. I said if I would if I want to cash this check you know you would have to I understand you wouldn’t have the money here but if I let you know that I’m coming in a certain day you have to have that money here they said oh no we only cash checks up to $2,500 I said that’s again that’s not what your website says so I walked out there steaming made i still had to check in my hand. I called customer service got a machine for an hour I went on the chat part and the guy then told me oh yeah they check usually cashing your funds are usually available to you the next business day but it’s up to the discrepancy of the branch and I said what do you mean your website doesn’t say that and I feel like it’s false advertisement

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