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Apple Complaint

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At an Apple store in Jacksonville, FL I went in for screen repair and ended up having to purchase an entire new phone at full price due to having a 3rd party insurance I was told I would need to seek reimbursement from later. The apple employee, Pam, kept my iPhone 12 pro that I owned and brought in witht me for the screen repair, while then also charging me full price for the “replacement”. Since I paid full price for both phones, she should not have kept either phone and should have allowed me to take it with me. I feel it was a planned scam because she also lied about what was done and gave me a receipt showing I had paid $50 for a deductible on an apple care plus plan I did not even have. I did not pay $50 either, I paid over $600 and did not have apple care plus, at least not when I came in that day. She knew I had a 3rd party insurance but added apple care plus I believe to make it look like she was not scamming me and I don’t believe she corrected things in her system. She hand wrote with a pen the corrected info on my receipt when I questioned the wrong info. Apple, Sprint and my 3rd party insurance have all confirmed and agreed she should not have kept my iPhone 12 that day but despite this. I am always sent to this person or that person when trying to resolve with Apple and to date apple will not give me my phone back that she wrongfully kept, or a refund for the cost of it, nor will they help me at all to resolve this in any way. I have been advised to take them to court through some various mediation companies and complaints due to them not responding or answering questions and that is my next step if this does not work.

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