Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
To start off from all the issues i have with bank of america, i had got my irs check deposited into checking an savings account of $18,500.00 they had charged me hundreds and hundreds of dollars of overdraft fees when i had sufficient funds in my account i reported everytime about it and they did nothing they even screwed me out of the $300 bonus for having so much deposited within the time frame they stated on the terms i never got credited for the $300. This all started in febuary.and the problems kept going on from there $5000.00 mysteriously disappeared out my account with no trace of it i counted all my bank statements and the money is missing they were investigate it but i guess they didnt i kept following up with them.nothing ever got resolved then my car was broken into around march 12th i reported.everything to them asking them to shut down that account they didnt so the theifs were still able to take my money resulted in overdrafting my account by $1000.00 and all together between them an the thiefs it totaled almost $11,000.00. They promised that any other incoming funds would go to new account and none of it did i called and asked over an over again why my money hasnt been transferred instead they were allowing my money to pay off the theifs damages to my account. Later about a month later i been callong about everyweek a rep deposited 627.00 into the damaged account and dont even know where this lady pulled that money from to even balance the account out she had did that then closed it where i no longer have access to it. I called again about 3 different times to have it looked into no one knew where the money came from between all this my financial aid also went to that account because of this ive lost all business with my newly opened business. Resulting in me making no money at all and screwing in my college funds now i owe the college an cant even start back till the balance is paid. Ive experienced extreme loss in living conditions and working conditions they have cost me alot im still struggling with funds till this day and they have still yet to do anything..they didnt keep their end of what they promised what so ever an the wrongful overdraft fees.they charged me an the missing 5000 on their end missing out my account none of this was resolved they didnt follow proper procedures for when i reported the theft . My account numbers are ******** and ******** these are business accounts checking an savings i also had a.few.thousand refund back to my account and i never even got the money it shows the money was deposited but it never shows the correct amount at that time i had spent what i had and when i had gotten refunded it shouldve left me with a 1000 and they calculated it in there somehow as if i already spent it when i didnt im wanting to sue them based off 3 different cases that they are 100% in wrong doing.

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