Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I was scammed when I called a phone number that I believed to be Apple T V. I was trying to retrieve a code to get Apple TV back on my TV. I eas asked to download Ask Me remote system. I didn’t think anything of it since I worked for the State of NJ for 18 years and it was a normal occurrence for IT to work with us remotely. After it was downloaded, I was asked to turn on my camera and show them my modem so they would see it was on. They then asked me to turn my power source to my TV on and off three times, and leave it off for 10 seconds before turning it on again. After a few seconds. I looked down and see my bank account open and numbers being typed. I started screaming what they were doing, he said I shouldn’t worry, that they were only generating numbers for the TV and I wouldn’t lose anything. I saw a call coming in which I thought was the bank and he knew I had a call coming in and told me not to answer it. I said I had to and I tried to answer it and he cut it off. I asked how he did it and he told me that he told me not to answer the phone. Meanwhile, I see the bank trying to ask me online if I’m approving these transactions and as I’m pressing “no,” the scammer is overriding me and pressing “yes.” I put in three claims and all were denied. One said they dented it because I approved it through a message. I never did but when I checked back on the day I was scammed, March 25, 2022, there was a message sent from Bank of America which I approved. I had no conttol over my phone and no idea that message was even sent until I received a denial of my claim. I put in two more claims unsuccessfully. I have been reading up on this and have read that Bank of America has been refunding some people while denying others and that over 18 million people have been scammed. They are also one of the owners of Zelle. The bank has told me three times that the burden of proof is on me yet I read that is not true. The CFBP (I believe) states that the burden of proof is actually on the bank. I was also told to call the bank that denied me, the scammer’s bank, which is unheard of. They gave me the bank’s name and phone number. When I called saying Bank of America gave me their information so I could call to find out why I was denied, they were surprised, to say the least and told me they could only talk to my bank. This was my life savings and I have not been able to recover from this loss. I live on Social Security and a small pension so it’s very hard to try and make this up. It took about 30 seconds for them to clean me out. I have been a customer with the Bank of Aneruca for close to 28 years and for them to deny me is heartbreaking because they are picking and choosing who to remit payment to and who to deny. All the years of loyalty mean nothing in this world anymore, I imagine.

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