Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
I have been a faithful ongoing customer of sprints for more than 15 years. You’re supposed to pay one rate for your phone plan and phone and that should be due every month however with Sprint every time I have use their service I start out as the first month is the only month that I pay the bill they say that I’m going to pay the bill will continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger then you’ll pay it off and then you’ll get another bill and then somehow they end up telling you you’re behind on your bills then you end up getting like two or three months buildup on the bill to whether you’re owing them more than $1000. I’ve been testing the theory on three of our family members. Now foUr. Each one of us has ended up in the same exact situation which finally results and having to leave Sprint and owing them $1000 plus bill.
There’s a bill under my son matthewsmith for more than 1000 there’s a bill under my husband Nathan ***** for 2700 there’s a bill under myself Holly ***** for 750 there’s a bill under my other son Deven ***** for another thousand dollars.

All of these accounts are a period of over the last five years time and we’ve had to leave Sprint four times.
Frankly I’m tired of getting screwed by this company.
There a multibillion dollar company that has never done one thing as a favor to me they’ve credited back fees to our account maybe one time.
They never have any explanation for the higher bill they never have any reason why it goes up they cannot ever explain why you don’t just pay the same phone bill every month.
I personally think it’s robbery.
It’s affecting all of our credit and it’s been affecting us to the point where we have been unable to obtain housing due to that bill
It is injured each one of us as far as credit and has made an inability to obtain needed vehicles or rentals rental properties and now is impacting our ability to purchase our home I’ve contacted the company multiple times trying to deal with various bills with no success. They currently have my sons phone shut off right now.
And honestly I feel like it should be illegal for phone companies to shut off your phone having a phone this day and age is almost a necessity.

All of our credit cleaned up and our bills written off with no more consequence.

Submitted by: Anonymous Sprint customer in Palisade | Read more Sprint complaints

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