Mechanics Bank Auto Finance Hurt My Credit

Mechanics Bank Auto Finance Hurt My Credit

What Mechanics Bank Auto Finance did:
Please refer to 15 usc 1681a(2)(iii) According to the laws that protect me as a consumer In order to have this account on a consumer credit report the consumer must be given the opportunity, before the time that the information is initially communicated, to direct that such information not be communicated among such persons;

I, the consumer was never given the opportunity to direct such information to not be communicated among such persons meaning any Credit reporting agencies.
Mechanics Bank has reported late payments with consumer reporting agencies which is harming my person’s reputation

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like them to remove the late payments or the entire account from all consumer reporting agencies including but not limited to Equifax Experian and Transunion. also mechanics can pay 1000 dollars for violating 15 USC 1692d as well as 15 USC 1681a(2)(iii)

Submitted by: Anonymous in Arizona | Read more Mechanics Bank Auto Finance complaints

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