DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
I was double charged many times ($150-$300) without realizing it and when i found out about this they admitted to the mistakes, and yet was only willing to do a partial refund for 1 month instead of the numerous months they admitted to double billing my account. They also were billing me for amounts much higher than I should have been (my package was supposed to be $49.99 with 12 months free equipment but billed $150 package twice a month and after 2 months refused to continue honoring the equipment rental waiver) and after numerous times of me contacting and getting the problem fixed- according to the direct TV associates after one billing cycle it would again be billing me at a higher rate. (A $100+ x2 difference). After the more than a year of trying to fulfill my 2 year contract (which unbeknowest to me they started over said contract every single time they adjusted the billing issues so my attempt to fulfill it was for nothing since it kept being renewed by them, failed and caused a myriad of financial stress and hardship and a huge negative impact on my credit I was working to repair. All of these insane amounts of mistakes and bad and dishonest business practices without a doubt contributed to me becoming homeless (2017 or 2018) and jobless (same month and year of losing my home) and under severe mental strain, and financial hardship that lead to a dominoe effect of events that severely changed my way of living and ability to function and live in a healthy manner. It continuously progressed and to this day I have not recovered from and still have new impacts on my daily life

Submitted by: Anonymous DirecTV customer in Meadowlakes | Read more DirecTV complaints

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