Sprint Claim for Compensation

Sprint Claim for Compensation

What Sprint did:
On 6-15-22 sprint withdrew 377.45 from my checking they said for phone that weren’t returned in which I returned the following week since then I have spoke to sprint over 5 times they have promised a refund in the amount of 377.45 on my last call to sprint they said they had mailed me a prepaid Visa card on 8/15/22 with the refund on there to give it 7-10 days I still have not received. Today is 8/31/22 I have repeatedly reminded sprint customer services including “supervisors” that we are on recorded lines and that this is unfair and I would take to legal matters. Each time they assured me I would receive a refund within 3/5 business days or 7/10 days I would hear from some

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