Curb Taxi Lied About the Price

Curb Taxi Lied About the Price

What Curb Taxi did:
After for back to back cancellations I had a driver who instantly argued with me about the price. He tried to cancel claiming he didn’t realise it was jersey. He read the address aloud and it was clear it was jersey. He said the app was broken then the fair was too low and he wouldn’t get paid. He started shouting at me and this resulted in an argument. As we drove he said I had to pay the toll. I told him it was included in the fair. He pulled over and started screaming at me. I told him it was unsourced and showed him the text on the app which said this. He said he didn’t care and he knew it wasn’t included. I told him to take it up with his employer or contractor. I was getting teary eyed and was on the phone which he was telling me to hang Up. I felt belittled and embarrassed to be yelled at in a taxi with other cars clearly able to listen. I then said I’d pay extra and and t the till separately if he would just get me to my destination or cancel and let me out (the door was locked)

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund, staff training, a written apology, vouchers or free rides to compensate for the amount of time, stress and mental anguish this has taken from me

Submitted by: Anonymous in New York | Read more Curb Taxi complaints

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